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2015-2016 ASF Sustainable Research Program

The Agronomic Science Foundation has awarded a total of $120,000 in grants from the 2015-2016 ASF Sustainable Research Program:

  1. Francisco J. Arriaga, Univ. of Wisconsin

  2. Lynne A. Carpenter-Boggs, Washington State Univ.

  3. Rachel L. Cook, Southern Illinois Univ.

  4. Paul B. DeLaune, Texas Agrilife Research-Vernon

  5. Kraig L. Roozeboom, Kansas State Univ.

  6. Robert Scott, Univ. of Arkansas


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Seeking Sponsorships

To support the celebration of the 2015 International Year of Soils and the many educational and outreach activities we have planned, SSSA is seeking sponsorships from our members and organizations. Learn more about the various ways to show your support for the International Year of Soils -- contact Ellen Bergfeld, 608-268-4979 or view the IYS Sponsorship Form (pdf)>>







Make a Difference in the future of Agronomy, Crops, and Soils

The only way to make a change in the world today is to start with yourself. Here is how you can help now:


Agronomic Science Foundation Fund Brochure CoverAgronomic Science Foundation (ASF) Fund Brochure

To learn more about these funds, view the ASF Fund Brochure (pdf). (PDF)

The Gateway Fund

The Gateway Fund will be used to foster innovative approaches to inspire young students and guide them to a career in agronomy, crop or soil sciences. The Gateway Fund provides funding to those who propose promising novel methods to identify, inspire, and recruit high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Up to $5,000 annually will be available per successful proposal with the option of renewal based on the success of the approach.

The Pathway Fund

The Pathway Fund is designed to encourage young, energized scientists and professionals to travel widely and offer their scientific expertise in struggling areas around the world. The Pathway Fund is available to members of ASA, CSSA and/or SSSA early in their careers. When fully funded, up to $15,000 will be provided per successful proposal on a 6-month basis with the option of renewal. The award will be available to members with a history of active membership in ASA, CSSA and/or SSSA.

Golden Opportunity Scholars Institute

This program is available to undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in agronomy, crop, and/or soil sciences. Students apply for a travel scholarship to the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA International Annual Meetings. Students are matched with Society members who serve as mentors for the scholars during the Annual Meetings and beyond, to support their educational efforts and career path in agronomy, crop, and/or soil sciences. The 2011 Annual Meetings marked the 5th Anniversary of the Golden Opportunity (GO) Scholars Institute.


Awards & Scholarships

Learn more about the Awards and Scholarships supported by the Agronomic Science Foundation, ASA, CSSA, and SSSA.

ASF Annual Report

For the latest information on financials, awards and key volunteers please view the Annual Report.(PDF)

ASF Mission

To provide leadership and financial resources to further the role of the agronomic, crop, and soil sciences in global crop production, and to promote human welfare within a sustainable environment.